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My Background


Kristine Blanche, PA-C, PhD 

It's All About Balance

Dr. Kristine Blanche received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from The Catholic University of America and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physician Assistant studies from Long Island University, where she graduated with honors. Dr. Blanche studied Experiential Health Healing at The Graduate Institute, and graduated with her MD/PhD Magna/ Summa Cum Laude in 2015 from USAT. She has an extensive medical background, including 20 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Wound Care, Critical Care and General Surgery at such prestigious institutions as George Washington University Hospital and The North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset. Her passion is to bring a strong focus to the PREVENTION of disease to her clients.

How I Got Started


Dr. Blanche's Story

As far back as I can remember, I knew I was meant to heal. Kristine Blanche is the owner and operator of Thermography Solutions an innovative Thermography center in the heart of the North Shore of Long Island. Her journey toward her goal has been guided by many experiences. Every dream usually begins with a story, and this is her story.
In late 2004, after extensive training and many years experience in the healthcare field her role as a healer took a sharp turn, as her grandfather approached the end of his life, her 32 year-old sister-in-law, Lori, was diagnosed with stage 2B Hodgkin's Lymphoma and colon cancer reared its ugly head in her father's life. Kristine became a caretaker for those she loved most in this world. As anyone in the healthcare world knows when the person you love appears on the other end of the stethoscope the world shakes. It is usually real life experiences that teach us the most profound lessons and this was that moment. She describes it as the day her two worlds collided. Kristine had always lived a very holistic life, but practiced very conventional medicine. The collision was catastrophic and resulted in profound loss, which caused her to fall far into a dark night from which there, was an awakening.
Dr. Kristine Blanche insists the medicine that she studied her whole life was not enough. She believes that we all deserve a healthcare system where comfort, education, guidance, and empowerment are the priorities. Her passion stems from the belief that we all have the innate right to experience the healing power of our own spirit and body . . . to experience the healer within.
The pain and suffering this elegant woman experienced created the inspiration. This moment sparked a fire within her soul. Out of tremendous pain and sorrow there was a glimmer of light and a vision was born. Kristine Blanche, wife, mother, daughter, sister , and Doctor, stands the proud owner of one of the most comprehensive Thermography centers on Long Island.  We are all students of life and it is at Thermography Solutions that Kristine inspires her talented team to use their own life experiences to heal and help their client’s live healthy and happy lives. The healing work done at Integrative is a gift for Kristine and each person who is touched by the positive energy and healing work that is accomplished there each and every day. The center is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Dr. Blanche is thrilled to use thermography as a tool to empower women and inspire patients to be empowered in their lifestyle to prevent disease.

My Approach


Dr. Blanche spent three years pursuing her PhD degree.  The focus of her research was to demonstrate how women can use digital infrared imaging to identify risks and prove the "Breast prevention protocol", Dr. Blanche developed over her 12 years of clinical Integrative practice would show improvement in breast health in hopes of reducing risk for breast cancer.

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"Digital infrared imaging, nutrient levels, and genetic testing  as a tool to stratify risk, implement and monitor impact  of The Breast Prevention Protocol "      

~By Dr. Kristine Blanche  


I have spent twelve years in the field of integrative medicine, caring for women diagnosed and on the journey with breast cancer. These women, my patients, are valuable teachers. My work and effort helping these women survive breast cancer is where I constructed the prevention protocol used for the research described and explained in this paper. Cancer can “strike” at any moment, and does not discriminate among women in our society or around the world. Nations spend billions of dollars every year preparing for the possibility of an attack, preparing for the worst, concluding that the best offense is a good defense, always be ready, as the Marines say. Our health prevention plan should be no different. Our defense – our immune system – is the best offense against cancer. A prevention plan that includes a strong immune system will not only prevent cancer from attacking the body, but will prepare women who get cancer for the battle they will face. On Long Island, New York, breast cancer is a crisis. A result, in my view, of a combination of stress, toxicity in the air, water, and ground, and the high density of people resulting in lots of power lines, pollution, and chemicals.  The protocol discussed within this paper has been developed over the course of nearly a decade of research determining various risk factors associated with breast cancer that could be modified with treatment – and by treatment I mean by adjusting a woman’s diet, adding nutrients, and changing her lifestyle by adding exercise and reducing stress. I researched which of these adjustments positively affected late stage breast cancer patients. This work is the foundation for the creation of the Breast Prevention Protocol.  “Avoiding the perfect storm” of cancer can be accomplished by changing the playing field in a woman’s body. By modifying the variables that lead to cancer development, we can decrease the chances that a woman gets cancer, and increase the chances that a woman who gets cancer can beat it. There are many variables, or factors, that can be modified in a way that decreases the chances of cancer attacking. These factors include, inter alia, inflammation, toxicity, cytokine release, nutrient deficiency, stress response, and estrogen dominance. It may seem obvious, but each or these risk factors are identifiable and modifiable in a positive way. Humans are intrinsically different, and in some cases a woman has a genetic predisposition, creating a situation where the “genes load the gun” and the “environment pulls the trigger.” But even a genetic predisposition or mutation can potentially be modified through nutrition, essentially feeding our genes to modify the potential risks for disease origination.  When your family member, friend, or loved one announces she has been diagnosed with cancer, what does that mean? What happened in her life and in her body that led to the poison that is cancer infecting her body? I imagine a series of dominoes falling, or a train on the Long Island Rail Road barreling through stop after stop towards the end of the line. I want to use scientific evidence to identify patterns within women to minimize the risk. I want to find a way to move two or three dominoes to stop them from falling; I want to stop the train before it reaches the end of the line. I want to empower women to make decisions that will alter their stars. . .