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Thermograpy Solutions

Welcome to Thermography Solutions

Welcome to Thermography Solutions

Welcome to Thermography SolutionsWelcome to Thermography Solutions

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"Empowering patients one picture at a time!"

Our Programs

Wellness Warrior Program


 Introducing Wellness Warriors Workshop
Dr. Kristine Blanche and her team for our 10 Week Program as we arm you with the knowledge and resources to achieve your maximum potential.

Only $500 for 10 weeks

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Girlfriend Cleanse


The Girlfriend Cleanse is designed to awaken 1 women at a time to the reality that we don't have to simply wait for a diagnosis. We can heal ourselves, and become the strong, healthy, happy, and the sexy women we deserve to be.

Man up Detox


Check out this 21 day Program! 

21 Days to boost low Testosterone, Energize, Revitalize, and shed some pounds.



Keep an eye out for our yoga, meditation, reiki circle schedule coming soon